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My latest painting...
Conway View of
Mount Washington, NH 
16x24 Oil on gesso board

Vitals:  Born in New Hampshire in 1952. Grew up in Shelburne, NH. Married, one son.

Residence:  Except for 3 years spent in Colorado, Dinsmore has lived all her life in New Hampshire.

Mediums Used: Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic, pen and ink,
                                           and Photography
:  BA in Studio Art from University of NH - 1974
Favorite College Instructors:  John Hatch, Sigmund Abeles, Dick Merrit

Most Admired Artists
:  19th Century New Hampshire's White Mountain Artists: Thomas Cole, Albert Beirstadt, Thomas Hill, and Benjamin Champney. 20th Century Artists: John Traynor, Robert Jordan, Bryan Birdsall, and Ansel Adams.
Subject Matter:  Close-ups and vistas of the White Mountains in New Hampshire, including Mount Washington, Maine’s Sebago Lake and Acadia Nat’l Park.  Flowers, gardens as well as personal interior landscapes and still-lifes are also what inspire.

Goals: To focus the viewer’s attention on elements of beauty in the natural world, and in the process gain an appreciation and desire to preserve our environment. To share with viewers a fleeting reflection in a pond, a certain play of light across a mountain ridge, or a delicate feature of a flower.

Some Personal Info: The discovery and treatment of a tumor in Dinsmore's thigh muscle in 1991, left her requiring the use of a cane. Despite the handicap, Dinsmore continues to explore the mountains whenever time permits. A former downhill ski competitor, Dinsmore continues to do short hikes, a few turns on a ski hill, and when the powder is just right, a short back country ski in the White Mountains.

From 1980-2007, Sally Dinsmore owned and operated Gold Leaf Frame & Gallery, a custom picture frame shop and art gallery in North Conway, NH. Currently Dinsmore works out of her home in Shelburne as a painter, graphic artist, and a digital photo restorer of old pictures. 

Contact: 603-466-2025 or  info@sallydinsmore.com